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Reighard Hall

Reighard Hall originally served as the town’s only hotel. Located on campus, the hotel served families and conferences for a close stay to their loved ones or events. Today, it lives on as a hotel-style experience for our summer guests.

This hall features self-service laundry and additional amenities not available in the other lodging sites. Each suite has spacious main living quarters with two full beds and one common bathroom.

Suite Types

One bedroom with a common bathroom. Each bedroom includes two full-sized beds, two armoires, two sets of dressers with five drawers, and two desks with chairs. Bathroom includes sink, vanity, toilet, and tub/shower. ADA accessible showers are available upon request/notification.

Bedroom size 17' 9" x 12'



    Bathrooms include sink, vanity, toilet, and bathtub with shower. ADA accessible showers are available upon request.

    Guests may bring coolers to store items in their room. Alcohol is not permitted on campus.

    Climate control in all rooms may be moderated between 68 – 74 ° F.

    A small trashcan is provided in the bathroom of each suite. Guests are requested to take all trash to the dumpsters at the end of their stay.

    • Air conditioning
    • Armoire
    • Bathtub with shower
    • Full-sized bed (2)
    • Desk with chair(2)
    • Dresser (2 sets with 5 drawers)
    • Lamp(no overhead lighting)
    • Soap
    • Shower curtain
    • Toilet paper
    • Trashcan
    • Window blinds
    • Bathroom rug
    • Bible
    • Closet/hangers
    • Hair dryer
    • Ice/Ice Machine
    • Iron/ironing board
    • Microwave
    • Refrigerator
    • Safe
    • Toiletries

    Building Features

    A desk attendant is available until 2:00 a.m. or as notified.

    Self-service laundry is available on the first floor. Machines are coin-operated and open for use 24/7.

    A lounge is open in the main lobby area with couches, tables, and chairs surrounding a fireplace.

    A small outdoor patio area is open for guests to enjoy off the main entrance.

    The building offers dedicated parking for guests along with ADA accessible parking spaces and a drop off area to unload at the main entrance.

    • Patio
    • Study Lobby
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